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Nice job, Tom. In GA this is also a rampant problem. Hopefully your blog comments will be shared by many in the industry and they can take the needed protective measures. Another concern regarding precious metals is theft of catlytic converters. $100's in damage for maybe $20 worth of platinum. A real shame! Thanks!

If you are installing an alarm system to protect your A/C check out the CopperWatcher it communicates to your burglar alarm system and is more reliable then any thing else on the market today.

The methods you provided are good and i think that it definitely works and very helpful in saving your ac from theives

Thanks for providing views about Ac protection unit.Currently the prices of scrap metal are four times their previous values, which has resurged the illegal market of Copper Theft.Thieves are stealing air conditioners or breaking the units apart, taking the copper, and selling it at higher prices.

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